Silky oils for period cramps, bloating and bad moods.

Dose your skin. Balance Your Cycle.

Get period peace with on-skin oils that feel and smell amazing.

  • Here to Make Your Time-of-the-Month Amazing!

    Our mission is to help women feel good during their periods. We make products that are good for you and the planet, are easy to use, feel great on the skin and smell amazing.

    We offer a product line of 3 Mood Oils which contain our proprietary blend of evening primrose, adaptogens, and essential oils that ease PMS and period symptoms while also supporting a healthy cycle.

    Absorbed through the skin, our oils quickly enter the bloodstream to support internal systems affected by hormonal changes inherent in a woman’s cycle. See How it Works.  

No Synthetic Fragrances

NO Synthetic Fragrances - NO Dyes - NO Parabens - NO Mineral Oil - NO Sulfates - NO Formaldehyde

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    The Smooth Sister blend- wowza! Holy smokes is it amazing! It’s been an absolute game changer, mood and anxiety calming. My PMS and straight up anxiety around my period has been extreme these past 14 months. I’ve used this oil through 2 cycles now and it’s been calming, in fact so pleasant that I’m using it for my insomnia and meditation prior to bedtime and even when I’m not in high tides from my cycle.


    Katie, Manhattan, NY

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    I’m a huge fan of essential oils and a major stickler for quality and I can honestly say these blends are WORTH EVERY PENNY. I’ve used Bold Babe through 3 cycles now and am completely obsessed with the smell and the way it feels on my skin. Things I’ve noticed since starting application: I'm a lot less moody/ cranky leading up to my period, my cramps are less severe & my lower back pain improved.


    Sabrina, Manhattan, NY

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    I’m loving the way this oil feels on my skin and it smells so darn good! I’m using ‘Cool Chick’ and can instantly feel the calming effects upon application. It’s so good that it’s bad because I can’t stop putting it on!! I’m so happy I found something that’s natural and effective for PMS relief. Officially not going anywhere without it!


    Jessica, Fairfield, CT