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Period Oil - Cool Chick


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On-skin oils that ease cycle moods and aches.

A gentle oil-blend that smells incredible and encourages wellbeing when regularly applied to body pulse points.

Cool Chick is here to boost your mood and elevate auras with ylang ylang and lavender.

Our holy grail formula is filled with clary sage, geranium, and cypress giving you a well rounded defense against PMS and period pain.

Cool Chick makes certain you are your best and baddest self all month long.


Oenothera biennis (Primrose) flower oil, Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage) flower oil, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) leaf oil, Lavandula (Lavender) flower oil, Cananga odorata (Ylang ylang) flower oil, Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) resin oil, Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil) leaf oil, Rosa (Rose) flower oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) leaf oil, Cupressus (Cypress) leaf oil, Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomille).

Absolutely NO synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, or formaldehyde.

How to use

For best results start application 2 weeks before your period. Apply 10-15 drops to the neck & areas of discomfort AM & PM. Reapply when you need a little extra love.

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Warning: External use only. Possible skin sensitivity. Avoid contact with eyes & sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

  • Cool Chick Flower Power


    Clary Sage

    Balances estrogen levels in the body.




    Calming properties reduce anxiety, restlessness & agitation.



    Ylang Ylang

    Antidepressant, sedative, mood enhancer.




    Soothing & relaxing properties reduce irritability & agitation.

No Synthetic Fragrances

NO Synthetic Fragrances - NO Dyes - NO Parabens - NO Mineral Oil - NO Sulfates - NO Formaldehyde